Master G7 Print - Packaging Services Provider
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Finn Industries is proud to be a certified G7 print services company. Now, unless you are directly involved in the printing industry, this may not mean anything to you—but it should!

To better understand why this designation benefits our customers, we have answered some frequently asked questions about being a Master G7 Printer.

What Does G7 Mean?

G7 refers to grayscale and the seven colors used in modern printing. The colors include what are known as “subtractive” (in industry parlance, CMYK) colors—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black—and “additive” (RGB) colors—red, green, and blue. The G7 Standard was created by the IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance), an organization that has helped develop standards and best practices for publishing technology since the mid-1960s.

In simple terms, the G7 Standard helps to ensure consistency.

Why Does G7 Matter?

When you place a print order, G7 Standards ensure that your company's logos and other images appear virtually the same from one shop or region to another.

For example, if you had advertising fliers printed by ABC Print Services and package labeling printed by Finn Industries, G7 Standards would make sure that the same colors and hues appear in the finished products at both locations.

This is important for brands—visual uniformity matters to consumers, as well as those who purchase print materials.

How Do G7 Standards Work?

It seems complicated, but the process is simple. We use high-quality paper and ink, paying careful attention to the ink-to-paper density ratio and using established grayscale balances.

How Did Finn Industries Achieve The G7 Master Printer Certification?

We acquired the services of a G7 Expert to review our print data and settings. The expert assisted us in calibrating our equipment to meet G7 standards. Finn Industries' current certification is valid for one year, and must be renewed annually. In addition, Finn Industries maintains membership in the G7 Network.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us with any questions you have about G7 Certification. You can also visit the IDEAlliance at